Multi Purpose floor sander

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17 inch rotary machine for sanding, polishing, grinding or cleaning a range of surface types

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  • STR 701 Rotary Floor Preparation, for sanding, grinding, cleaning, polishing.
  • This 17″ machine when fitted with a range of accessories can grind and sand concrete or remove trowel lines in latex, dust-free when used with skirt and connected to dust control unit.
  • Industrial machine capable of  preparing up to 200 sq. metres per day
  • can also be used with sanding discs to assist the preparation of anhydrite screed within the manufactures timescale.
  • Can be used with diamond impregnated pads for terrazzo and stone cleaning
  • simple, comfortable to operate and highly effective machine.
  • The STR 701 Floor Preparation Machine benefits from low noise levels, with the complete absence of fumes, vibration and dust.
  • perfect machine for the refurbishment and/or renovation of any interior space. it is a highly versatile machine, beneficial in a wide range of scenarios, and has a wide range of tungsten carbide, diamond, silicon carbide discs and brushes.


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